The Spanish Mustang helped shape the USA as we know it. Descended of the horse of the Conquistadors, Indian buffalo hunters and war ponies, to wild horse of the West, this breed has a rich and illustrious history that forms an important part of our American Heritage. Thanks to a handful of dedicated breeders, who have made it their life's work to preserve these special horses, the breed is still in existence today, albeit on the critical list of rare breeds.

The Spanish Mustang is not to be confused with the BLM mustang!

Plan Now! 2018 Annual SMR Meeting

The 2018 annual membership meeting will on June 22, 2018 through June 24, 2018 graciously hosted by Dick and Cindy Kalow, owners of the Fountain head Ranch--home of the Spanish Mustang Preserve in Bayfield, WI with over 70 registered Spanish Mustangs. An hour and a half from the Duluth, MN airport. Or it is a 4 hour drive from the Minneapolis, MN airport. The ranch is comprised of over 300 acres of pasture, wooded rolling hills and small ponds and streams along with many outbuildings and a 120' x 84' arena with stalls. There will be space on the property for camping andhorse trailers, as well as a rooming house with five bedrooms. There are also a number of small motels within a 5 mile radius. Meals will be catered at the meetings. The meeting is being coordinated with the help of SMR members Jane Greenwood, Stephanie Praschak, and Carol Fahrenkrog. Carol is the Director of the Spanish Mustang Preserve and is the primary contact -

R.E. Brislawn Spanish Mustang Promotional Fund

The R. E. Brislawn Spanish Mustang Promotional Fund will be used to support contributions made to community, country, and the world by individuals who own SMR registered Spanish Mustang horses. The award was established in 2011 to honor founding members Robert E. Brislawn and his son R. Emmett Brislawn. Applications should be mailed or emailed directly to John.

John J. Adams - Fund Administrator
P.O. Box 97
Vardaman, MS 38878

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