For SMR members to have their horse(s) included on the sale ad pages, please email the webmaster including information on gender, age, color, registration number and any other information as well as a clear photo (up to two photos) and your contact details, including email and phone number. Please keep the webmaster updated on the status of your sale.

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Sellers beware!

Sadly some advertisers on this page have been targeted by money scammers. They offer to buy the horse, no questions asked and usually want to ship it overseas!! Then they want to send a check for a much higher amount than the horse is worth, wanting the seller to give the rest of the money to an "agent" for transportation costs. The check appears to clear, the horse is collected, the cash handed over to the "agent." Then a few days later you get contacted by the bank that the check was counterfeit, or indeed bounced. So the seller loses the horse and also a substantial amount of money. The horses sadly often end up at a feed lot sale.